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Selling the Value of Existing Home Technology

When it comes to a fully automated house or apartment, 7-12% of the construction budget was dedicated to installing the home technology.  It's important that when you are showing a house you understand and fully communicate how valuable that system, and the pre-existing infrastructure are. 


When showing a home with technology

  • Understand what the system is capable of

  • Communicate the value of the current infrastructure

  • Be comfortable enough with the system that you can demonstrate it


HTE offers a complimentary intro to automation course for real estate agents upon request


The Capability of Home Automation 

A fully automated home can provide a wide variety of features.  It is important to know which "subsystems" are controlled, and what the automation system is wired for.  Home technology can include any of the these:

The use of sensors can easily enhance a home's functionality with minimal expense. Once an automation system is in place, outdoor technology can be integrated as well. 


Communicating the Value of Home Technology & infrastructure

When discussing home technology with buyers, think of the challenges of selling central air years ago.  The two have many similarities.

Central Air (Then)

  • Once considered unnecessary

  • Now a staple of high end houses (apartments limited)

  • Convenient

  • Enhances decor

  • Allows for energy management

  • Much more expensive if added after construction

Home Technology (Now)

  • Sometimes considered unnecessary

  • Becoming a staple of high end homes

  • Convenient

  • Can often enhance decor

  • Allows for energy management

  • Much more expensive if added after construction

If you're an established agent with years of experience, you will most likely be met with many of the same objections to home automation that you heard when showing homes with central air.  It is important that as a trusted expert you explain the increasing popularity of home automation, and the increased expense to add a system once construction has been completed.  


Comfortably Demonstrating Home Technology

  • You should understand the basics of home automation, and be able to demonstrate an existing system

  • Have buyers control the system to see how easy it is

  • Help buyer visualize how the home's system will simplify their lives

To become more familiar with using home technology, request a complimentary training from HTE